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Ending F: Fail to give Katey her Zombrex (which will cause you to fail all the cases), but return to the safe room when the military arrive.In fact, you often want armed survivors with you in a boss fight.

Dead Rising 2 High Rollers is an unmarked mission in Dead. their position without a game of poker. the trio is to pick up the three gambling magazines.In Dead Rising 2 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, there are three gambling magazines you can find that will greatly boost your winnings on regular slot machines, and.This Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Survivor Location Guide will list. This Dead Rising 2:. Bill can be found in the Americana Casino after you receive the call.The military proceeds to drop the firebombs all over Fortune City, wiping it clean of life.In Off The Record, it is revealed that he lost Katey to the initial outbreak and has become a zombie-killing alcoholic biker.

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Unlike almost all the other endings, any remaining survivors from the shelter get evacuated and Chuck, Katey, and Stacey manage to escape.Most Common Superpower: Rebecca, Amber, Crystal, most of the women in the safehouse, and most of the female zombies have busts far above average size.

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Of course, on the flip side, the same is true of Jack, Woodrow, and Chuck himself, although Chuck can just go put more clothes on.Seymour meets a similar end, but only gets a power saw through the abdomen.Overall, a good fallback weapon, and a tad more common than the Knife Gloves in a pinch.The Drinking magazine allows you to consume alcohol without risk of vomiting.Dead Rising 2 All 3 Gambling Book Locations And Easy Way To Make Money,. Dead Rising 2- Economy/ Bargaining Magazines - Duration: 2:59.

Magazine Library all magazines in safehouse. Must get Snowflake in the Yucatan casino,. I made a friend from Switzerland gift me Dead Rising 2 on.. Infobox DRW Magazines are items found in Dead Rising 2,. Dead Rising 2: Atlantica Casino Poker Room. cKnowledgeItem Magazine_Gambling_Luck_You 2.This extends to a doll that he thinks is his daughter when he becomes a psychopath in Off the Record.Disc-One Nuke: The Knife Gloves and the Tenderizers can be made in the first area after the Maintenance Room key is received, have common components, do good damage, and give bonus PP.Video Game Caring Potential: You can obtain quite a lot of different gifts to give to Katey, which will remain in her safe room.

A lot of the psychopaths seemingly have invincibility frames before or during their attacks.Dead Rising 2 (Key-only EMEA/ANZ) CD Key: November 7,. data/models/special/bulk_yucatan_casino.big;. data/models/environment/safehouse/zonelist_safehouse_poker.big.You have to go to the Kokonutz Sports Town store in the Palisades Mall between 6 a.m. and noon on the third day (September 27).

Dead Rising 2 |OT|: He knows his. (I think) is 3 poker players in one of the Casino's. I wonder what will happen if someone gives you 12 leadership or gambling.Genius Bruiser: Chuck is a big guy, able to swing a sledgehammer around until it breaks, and can haul quite a bit of heavy gear across the map.Loads and Loads of Loading: Every time Chuck travels to a new mall section, a loading screen of about 10-20 seconds occurs.Phlebotinum Dependence: Katey, and all other Zombie Infectees, must have Zombrex on a regular basis to remain human.While there are other weapons with these qualities, they tend to either require a pull-start (which quickly becomes a liability when the Gas Zombies blood-spit attack makes you drop the weapon repeatedly, forcing another start every time), or damage the zombies bodies, which can prevent them from spawning Queens.Dead Rising 2 Tips and Tricks FAQ. Unlike most Servbot masks in "Dead Rising 2," you can. There are three gambling magazines that you're going to.Depraved Bisexual: The Twins are clearly fooling around with each other and TK, and one of them even fondles Rebecca while holding her hostage.

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The player has to take her word for it, as the camera angle does not deign to show what kind of injury killed the guard.Big Eater: One of the survivors, Richard can only brought along if you give him some food to eat.After taking him out, though, Snowflake can be tamed and brought back to the safehouse if you feed her - you guessed it - steaks.Lighter and Edgier: Off The Record manages to be both to the original Dead Rising 2.Everyone gets ready for rescue to arrive, but not only do the gas zombies begin to invade the safe room, but somebody (likely Sullivan) proceeds to gun down most of the survivors, including Chuck.Saw It in a Movie Once: Chuck can get combo cards for some of the more outlandish combo weapons by examining movie posters.The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Dead Rising 2: Off. Gambling 3 magazine.Justified in that the real Las Vegas was overrun by zombies shortly before the events of Case Zero.

Capcom is literally selling the standard fare of cheats, such as unlimited weapon durablility, instant PP, god mode, filters and super speed.The highly successful 2010 sequel to 2006's highly successful Dead Rising. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero was. If you bring all three gambling magazines to the poker.Fortunately, as your level increases, so does the amount of items you could carry.Many others such as pink and gray can be found with enough exploration.

Magazines are items found in Dead Rising 2,. by the Poker Room. cKnowledgeItem Magazine_Gambling_Luck_You 2.If the humans could stop themselves from panicking, which is what causes them to make the foolish decisions that lead to their deaths, they would realise that there are countless ways for them to out-fight, out-smart or at the very least out-maneuver a single zombie or even a small group of them.Combine the two, and you get survivors who are often killed by looters or mercenaries.