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Double-Wide EHWIC Slots (use of a double-wide EHWIC slot will consume two EHWIC slots).Technology packages and feature licenses, enabled through the Cisco software licensing infrastructure, simplify software delivery and decrease the operational costs of deploying new features.Traditional IP networks need to evolve to medianets to accommodate these changes.

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Cisco SM-S-BLANK= Removable faceplate for SM slot - Faceplate blank cover - for Cisco 2901. Cisco Systems, Inc - Cisco 2951. CISCO 2951 ROUTER W 3 GE, 4 EHWIC.

I have a Cisco 1941 and a ehwic-4esg module

Day-one device support provides immediate manageability support for the Integrated Services Router, enabling quick and easy deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting from Cisco and third-party applications.The Cisco 2911, 2921, and 2951 allow for power redundancy through the use of an external RPS device, thereby decreasing network downtime and protecting the network from power-supply failures.Cisco Third-Generation (3G) Wireless WAN (WWAN) modules combine traditional enterprise router functions, such as remote management, advanced IP services such as Voice over IP (VoIP), and security, with mobility capabilities of 3G WAN access.Cisco Systems CISCO2901/K9 2901 with 2 Ge 4 Ehwic 2 DSP-256MB CF 512MB DRAM Ip: Electronics.We have the depth and breadth of expertise to create a clear, replicable, optimized branch footprint across technologies.

Cisco 2901 w/2 GE, 4 EHWIC, 2 DSP, 256MB CF, 512MB DRAM

The Cisco 2900 Series enables deployment in high speed WAN environments with concurrent services enabled up to 75 Mbps.

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The modules have their own processors, storage, network interfaces, and memory that operate independently of the host router resources, helping to ensure maximum concurrent routing and application performance while reducing physical space requirements, lowering power consumption, and consolidating management.

Cisco 2901 - router. EHWIC - 100 Mbps - for Cisco 1861, 1921 4-pair,. Network device slot adapter - for Cisco 2901, 2911, 2921, 2951, 3925,.You can enable advanced features by activating a software license on the Universal image.It delivers provisioning of firewall, VPN, and intrusion-prevention-system (IPS) services across Cisco routers, security appliances, and switch service modules.

PVDM3 slots natively support PVDM3 modules, providing support for richer density for rich-media voice and video.Service module slots provide twice the power capabilities relative to the network-module slots, allowing for flexibility for higher-scale and better-performance modules.For additional product numbers, including the Cisco 2900 Series bundle offerings, please check the Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Router Price List or contact your local Cisco account representative.New and Refurbished Cisco 2921/K9 Integrated Service Routers. Cisco 2901 router with 4 EHWIC slots. License: IP Base. View Product. CISCO2901-SEC/K9.Services integration and modularity on a single platform performing multiple functions, optimizes raw materials consumption and energy usage.At each stage in the product lifecycle, Cisco ONE Software helps make buying, managing, and upgrading your network and infrastructure software easier.

Cisco 1941 VS 2901-Comparison Helps You Choose the. no matter large business or end-users, Cisco 2901 and Cisco 1941 are both. 4 EHWIC slot2 double-wide EHWIC.Cisco 2901 Voice and Security Bundle w/SEC license PAK. 1) Service Module Slot. Security License for Cisco 2901. Cisco 2901 Voice and Security Bundle w/SEC.For a more comprehensive list of features supported in Cisco IOS software refer to the Feature Navigator tool at.Cisco 2901/K9 Router. Two integrated EHWIC slots are available on the Cisco 1941 for flexible configurations for support of two modules:.

Service Module (SM) slots are highly flexible with support for double-wide service modules (SM-Ds), which are Service Modules that require two SM slots.Cisco 2901 - router - rack-mountable. Cisco EHWIC-D-8ESG 8 Port 10/100. Cisco SM-S-BLANK= Removable faceplate for SM slot - Faceplate blank cover - for Cisco.As your business strives to lower the total cost of ownership in running your network and increase your overall employee productivity with more centralized and collaborative network applications, you will need more intelligent branch-office solutions.

The Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers have a ninety (90) day limited liability warranty.Embedded Management Features Available with Cisco IOS Software.The onboard encryption hardware replaces and outperforms the Advanced Integration Modules (AIMs) of previous generations.

The new Cisco Enhanced EtherSwitch Service Modules take advantage of the increased power capabilities on the Cisco 2900 ISRs.


Cisco 2951 with 3 onboard GE, 4 EHWIC slots, 3 DSP slots, 1 ISM slot, 256MB CF default, 512MB DRAM default, IP Base.Major Cisco IOS Software updates in protocol, security, bandwidth, and feature improvements.SFP-Based Ports (use of SFP port disables the corresponding RJ-45 port).Cisco 2901 with 2 onboard GE, 4 EHWIC slots, 2 DSP slots, 1 ISM slot, 256MB CF default, 512MB DRAM default, IP Base. $1,469.00. Online Special Order. In-Store Special.It offers the ability to monitor events and take informational, corrective, or any desired EEM action when the monitored events occur or when a threshold is reached.

The Universal image contains all of the Cisco IOS technology sets which can be activated with a software license.50%-98% off Cisco2901/K9 price, buy brand new cisco. Figure 4 shows the back panel of the Cisco 2901 router with slots. SWSS UPGRADES Cisco 2901 w/2 GE.4 EHWIC.Investment protection for PVDM2 modules is supported through an adapter module.Product Name. Product Description. CISCO2901/K9. Cisco 2901 with 2 onboard GE, 4 EHWIC slots, 2 DSP slots, 1 ISM slot, 256MB CF default, 512MB DRAM default, IP Base.CISCO2901/K9 Cisco 2901 with 2 onboard GE 4 EHWIC Slots 2 DSP Slots 1 ISM Slot 256MB CF 512MB DRAM IP Base Router (Refurbished).Cisco Comparison Matrix ISRs 2901, 2911, 2921, 2951. Cisco 2901 Cisco 2911 Cisco 2921. EHWIC Slots: 4: Same: Same: Same.In some instances, our pre-owned equipment may still be in new condition and still sealed in original factory packaging, but cost only a fraction of what you would pay for the same product from the distributor.